Lost Goat Ranch

When my ex-husband and I decided to get some Angora goats and start breeding them and selling their mohair, I of course immediately got to work on branding. Our ranch name was fun, and I wanted something a bit whimsical that would stand out from your typical ranch and farm brands (in other words, I wanted something more “modern” and honestly more feminine, since the goats were primarily my thing rather than my ex-husband’s). I also wanted something that would appeal to fiber artists and crafters, since our primary product was mohair. For the colors, I chose colors that are reflective of what I see in nature here in Texas–just brighter. I wanted to evoke a bit of a southwest feeling without going full-blown salmon and turquoise. The logo iteration I finally decided upon was 6 of 8. Yes, 8.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Windy Grace Ranch

When my friend Betsy of Windy Grace Ranch asked me if I would like to design the brand for her ranch, I jumped at the chance. One, because Betsy’s awesome. Two, because Betsy and her husband raise yaks. Three, because I knew it would be a fun challenge. Betsy and her husband live in Colorado, and Betsy wanted a brand that reflected not only that, but also their faith–in a simple, classy way that was still modern and fun. Working together, I was able to create something we both loved.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Aubrey Gross, Author

Obviously, when you’re a marketer and you have any sort of side hustle you can’t help but do your own marketing and branding (see Lost Goat Ranch up above). That’s totally the case with my author website and branding. To be fair, I’ve lost count of the number of re-brands I’ve gone through as an author–that’s what happens when you’ve been writing for as long as I have (a website crash also seemed like the perfect time to freshen things up).

For my author brand, I wanted to create something that was modern, fun, and fresh, but that also fits my primary genre (romance). I also wanted something that would help me stand out in the sea of pink and red that tends to be romance author brands.

Click through to see the most recent evolution of my author brand, including my new tagline (which I admittedly love).

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

See What You Said Transcription Services

When my ex-husband decided to start his own transcription business but wasn’t sure where to start branding wise, my response was: “Lucky for you, you’re married to a marketer.” He came up with the name, so from there it was a matter of coming up with branding that best reflected his personality and was professional.

As you’ll be able to see by scrolling through the logo images, the brand evolved–rapidly, I might add. While I still love the eye in the microphone, ultimately it just didn’t work. I also realized I was gravitating towards the typical blue colors I’m used to working with in tech, and figured I needed to go in a different direction. And a special note about the font I chose: it’s Atkinson Hyperlegible, which is a font that was developed specifically with those with low-vision in mind (my ex-husband is blind) and is named after J. Robert Atkinson who founded the Braille Institute.

Programs used: Canva